How to stop a creepy door from following you everywhere.

Hyundai Bluelink App


Bluelink App

Just when you thought the connected world couldn’t get any smarter, Hyundai pulled Bluelink out of the bag. A connected vehicle system using embedded telematics to gather vehicle Car Care information such as the Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Automatic Crash Notifications.

In English: it lets you remotely control your car.

One of Bluelink’s most impressive features is the “Lock and Unlock” function. Via your phone, you can check if your car is locked, and if you discover the car door is open, you can lock it from wherever you are. Magic.

So, if you’re the kind of person who can’t remember if you’ve switched the oven off, our film is something you’ll be able to relate to. It’s based on the insight that when you think you’ve forgotten something, it follows you everywhere.

Our film follows an innocent man on vacation, but wherever he goes his car door follows him. We see some fun scenarios before he pulls out his phone and locks his car remotely, letting all the forgetful people out there know that Hyundai has got their back.

However, you’ll still have to turn your ovens off by yourselves. Sorry.

Shot by Nathan Price with original music by DaHouse.

“I rarely like ads, but this one’s good.” – F. Rizzo (Facebook user)
“forget Jaws, this is Doors The Movie LOL” – C. Connoly (Facebook user)

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