They've asked for a launch strategy.
We broke a world record.

Hyundai i30 Fastback N



The i30 Fastback N is, as the name already says it, Hyundai’s fast little baby. It was born in Namyang and  honed at the Nürburgring.

Its world premiere was planned for the 2018 the Paris Motor Show, where hundreds of other cars were about to be unveiled as well. So, Hyundai asked us to come up with something special to let its engine roar in the media.

Challenge accepted.

Weeks before the show we spread the news on specialised media (targeted at journalists and petrol-heads) that we would break the world record racing from Rome to Paris. What followed was an online buzz, with speculations of all sorts: What about the speed limits? Are they nuts?

Then came the big day. We launched the much-awaited online film of the race, where professional Hyundai Motorsport drivers Thierry Neuville (WRC) and Gabriele Tarquini (WTCR) pushed the car to its limits on the winding roads between Rome and Paris – as promised.

To everyone’s surprise, the entire race took place in Denmark between the two villages of “Rom” and “Paris” – the distance between them being 12.8 km.

Buckle up and watch the video, directed by the great Henrik Hansen, to find out which driver set the world record of 8:18 minutes and brought home the trophy.

However, the real trophy was won by the brand: the video lead to a second wave of media-coverage – and that even before the Paris Motor Show had even started.


“Instead of the planned launch at the Paris Motor Show, Hyundai already comes with a true world record race.” – TopGear
“Did you know there are two Danish villages named Paris and Rome? No? It came as quite a surprise to us as well.” – Carsifu

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