Who knew you could sell the ultimate luxury experience with swim shorts and kiteboarding gear? Well, we did.



Brand Launch

After almost two years of lockdowns and restricted living, the world had to start looking at luxury in a different way. Choosing the intangible pleasures of life over material possessions. So, what makes a luxury brand more luxurious than the rest? Their promise to always respect and protect your time, whatever you choose to do with it. 

For the launch of Genesis in Europe, we took that promise to heart. Showing the lengths – or in our case the heights and depths – to which Genesis goes to serve its customers.

Then we asked ourselves: what do the depths of the Mediterranean have in common with the Namibian desert? Besides our desire to shoot there, both are places where people find the serenity to spend their time.

So first came the “Free Diver” film, a story of tranquillity taking place in the heart of the Mediterranean – shot by Frédéric Planchon, with music by Ólafur Arnalds. We followed world-champion free diver Arnaud Jerald as he enjoyed an extraordinary and almost spiritual experience, while his car gets delivered to him by a Genesis Personal Assistant.

Then it was time to dry off in the Namibian desert. Where together with twelve-time kiteboarding champion Sabrina Lutz and director Salomon Ligthelm, we defied the norms of kiteboarding with the “Sand Kiter” film. By exploring the beauty and vastness the desert had to offer, we created a new form of kiting that speaks to the importance of time spent serenely away from the crowds.

Our journey with time and all the ways to spend it is far from finished, with many new chapters to follow – but everything comes in due time.

‘Free Diving’ with Arnaud Jerald
“A campaign that instead of celebrating cars, celebrates time well spent.” – Shots
‘Sand Kiting’ with Sabrina Lutz
“Fans of indie adventure game Journey will appreciate this windswept ad for Genesis.” – David Reviews

Yes, it works.

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