Hyundai arriving first:
get used to it.

Hyundai N


Brand Campaign

When Hyundai introduced a range of high-performance cars under the name “Hyundai N”, instead of just making ads to promote them, the brand decided to put their money where their mouth is – and prove their performance on racing tracks all around the world.

But keep in mind: when it comes to racing, Hyundai is just a newbie. Hyundai Motorsport was only founded in 2012. However, when Hyundai decided to compete in the legendary FIA WTCR in 2016, it took only three years to take home the FIA WTCR championship title in 2018. On top of this, Hyundai also won a bunch of races in the FIA World Rally Championship.

Achievements to be proud of.

That’s when we decided to send a bold statement to all racing fans and competitors out there: “Get used to it”. In every ad, we displayed the racing spirit of Hyundai by rather proving themselves on the track than just making ads.

A year later, Hyundai not only won the FIA WTCR championship again, but also brought home the WRC manufacturer’s title too.

In other words: Hyundai winning is something to get used to.

“Goosebumps achieved.” -R. Piper (Facebook user)

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