What if luck isn't just luck, but something you've worked very hard for?

Hyundai Tucson



There are times when a brand, a product and its targets have lots in common. They’re a match made in heaven. The robust, bold Tucson was the result of Korean discipline and hard work. A car dedicated for hard-working people, who often build a career and a family at the same time.

Firstly, we developed a claim which brought it all down to three small words: “Hard work works”. Then we put our brains together to create a hero film, four feature films, brand, lifestyle and product photography and a long list of social media assets.

Luckily, we had a crew of crews to bring the campaign to life: a main crew, a second unit, a drone crew, a Russian arm crew and a social media unit. All material was shot in and around lovely Copenhagen.

The song we found for the campaign, Evelyn Knight’s 1950’s “Lucky, Lucky, Lucky me”, turned out to be a very contagious earworm. The campaign helped Hyundai achieve the best quarter in the history of the brand, with the Tucson as its best-selling model.

Our hard work worked.

Then we got even more lucky: the campaign was awarded with an EACA Euro Effie Silver in 2019 – and some of the photos made by Frederic Schlosser were selected for Luerzer’s 200 Best Ad Photographers 2018/19.

“The campaign reached 136 million impressions online, and millions of Youtube views and comments. The campaign helped Hyundai to increase sales and achieve the best-ever Q3 in 2018, with the Tucson as best-selling model.” – AGENTURMATCHING
“I came on here after I saw the commercial with the motorcycle and the blind spot indicator to say that’s the best damn commercial I’ve ever seen and thank you for noticing us” – MOTORCYLCLE STYG (YouTube user)

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