This campaign is all about sensors, cameras, radars and many other smart tech.
And guess what?
We made it human.

Hyundai i-Range



Humans are deeply sophisticated systems. And yet, we’re not perfect. That’s why Hyundai equipped all i-Range models with a package of techy stuff that looks out for you on the road. Sensors, cameras, radars, you name it. And its name is just as clever: smart tech.

As this is quite a long story, we found a way to tell it in just two words: Human Ready.

Our launch film was built on a universal insight: the promises we all make before going on a journey. The ones we often make without even thinking, like “I’ll be back for dinner” or “I’ll read you a bedtime story later”.

Well, you know the ones we mean.

Our friends from TPf and The Mill did such a good job in post-production, that most viewers will never see exactly what they did. Alex Rank and He&Me made the photos look crispy.

While overcoming our own human flaws (first lockdown, uff) we managed to break our campaign concept into all channels. Social media edits, Insta Stories, banners, and even some good old print ads; making the campaign hard to miss across Europe.

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