An ice-cave in Iceland, colourful xylophones and a lovely track.
Yes, Sony BRAVIA is back.




Bringing sound and vision together in perfect harmony. When we think about it, this would be a perfect description of our office karaoke parties, but in this case it was our brief for the new SONY BRAVIA series with Acoustic Surface Audio technology.

Unlike our singing, the creative team hit a perfect key by using actual keys from a multi-coloured xylophone. And far better than a run-down karaoke bar, our film takes place in an untouched Icelandic ice cave, as spring approaches.

This cinematic journey starts when a single drop of water falls from the ice ceiling. One drop turns into many, and as they fall, we discover that they are landing on colourful xylophone keys on the floor of the magical ice cave. As the drops multiply, the enchanting tones grow into an unforgettable melody, accompanied by a soundtrack produced by the music masters at DaHouse.

A pathway of colourful keys leads us through remarkable ice chambers to an impressive finale of sounds and colours, ending in an amphitheatre-like formation at the bottom of this natural wonder.

So not so different from one of our Karaoke nights, actually.

The film was shot by Raf Wathion and produced by CZAR Film. Raf was able to combine real footage from the ice caves and specially built xylophone keys with some postproduction expertise from BaconX.

“Innocean Berlin creates a real and immersive experience that’s in keeping with Bravia’s long and illustrious history of breathtaking ads.” The Drum
“With Ice Melody, Sony and Inncean Berlin put color and music in perfect harmony.” LatinSpots

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