Is the all-new EV6 an inspiring ride? Well, let's ask your nervous system.

Kia EV6



Kia believes that movement inspires ideas. Even though that’s a nice statement on its own, it gets much stronger when their cars are, in fact, inspiring.

The all-new EV6 is a perfect example of that.

So, instead of rolling out a campaign telling everyone how inspiring our new car is, we let the experience do all the talking. By combining creativity and technology we executed a series of films meticulously engineered to inspire the senses.

We teamed up with production designer Alex Marden to create unique sets for each film, designed to inspire the senses of sight and touch.

In ‘Iris’, The EV6 drives through a beautifully illuminated tunnel that acts as a human eye. And in ‘Petals’, we used nature to stimulate inspiration. Pink petals are thrown above the EV6 in super slow motion, inspiring the sense of touch.

Bringing a campaign to life that we felt made a lot of sense all around.

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