A Photoshop hack designed to poach top creatives right under their bosses' noses.

Innocean Berlin



The year was 2019. Innocean Berlin had just started and was looking for some creative firepower. But attracting top-talent is hard, especially if they don’t even know you exist. So we had to get them to notice us first.

We started out by winning their hearts. We created Save For Awards – a Photoshop plug-in that takes print ads and presentation boards and converts them into the size and format required by all major award shows out there, in seconds. No more late nights digging out file specs for the different categories of every single festival, and then adjusting each ad into those specs by hand. Cool, right? It’s every award-hungry art director’s wet dream.

Then we put the word out and made custom ads targeting creatives where they spend a lot of their time: Ads of The World, Lürzer’s Archive, Adeevee.

Creatives loved it. Award shows loved it. The media loved it. Even the CCOs of other agencies loved it – so much so, they started recommending Save For Awards to their entire networks, without knowing that they were actually helping us poach their talent. #SorryNotSorry.

Here’s the catch: once the plug-in was done converting all the files into the different specs, it would show creatives our recruitment ad, daring them to join our Berlin team. And some did. Six young and hungry creatives who started with us in July 2019.

Not bad for an agency that no one knows knew.

Key facts:

1.722 downloads across 47 countries.

Media budget: zero euros.

Version 2.0 now live.

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