Most people fear electric cars.
So why not play with those fears?

Kia Electrified Models


Electrified Models

As humans, we’re natural born wonderers. So, it comes as no surprise that when the world of e-mobility appeared on our radars, people had question marks roaming over their heads.

Questions like, “how far can I drive?”, “are there enough charging stations” or “is maintenance expensive?” are just some of the top trending wonders on Google.

So, to help put people’s minds at ease, we created the campaign “Stop wondering. Start Driving.” consisting of a series of online films, each tackling a different question/wonder/fear.

We then gave comedy director Bart Timmer a call and asked him to help us bring these films to life where we dive into people’s e-anxieties and then swiftly resolve them, all thanks to Kia’s electrified fleet.

As a result, there’s one less concern on people’s minds about the world of e-mobility and now, they can wonder about more wonderous things.

Like which of the 8 electrified Kia models to choose from.

“Now this is how you get people to #goelectric” – Chanan Bos, Director of Digital Media @ CleanTechnica
“Hats off to Kia. We look forward to seeing more ads like these and hope other car manufacturers follow suit!” – CleanTechnica

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