COVID brought with it a nude pandemic. Naturally, we rose to the occasion.

Amber Alert Europe

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Allow us to state an obvious fact: today’s world is a connected world. The tools which allow us to share our everyday lives on a very public scale lie no further away than our pockets.

That’s great when it comes to informing everyone that a holy icon appeared on our morning slice of toast, but there’s also a very dangerous side: explicit images shared amongst youth – a practice which has recently become commonplace.

In fact, fuelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, one in three teens have seen non-consensually shared nudes, of which, can lead to public shaming, blackmail, depression and even suicide.

More often than not, they trust their peers and even complete strangers with intimate photos and videos, in the hope that they will stay private. But as we all know, this doesn’t always happen.

To add fuel to the fire, parents have an arsenal of, what they deem to be, “innocent” naked pictures of their own children. Of which, they have no problems sharing with family, co-workers, or even with someone they hardly know – unaware of the dangers that come with them.

Our friends at Zauberberg Productions hooked us up with Micky Suelzer to help us execute a spot with a light-hearted tonality, which has a lurking, powerful and truthful twist:

you can’t trust anyone with your naked pictures. Not even your own parents.

“Amber Alert warns teenagers about future regrets when sending nudes over social media.” – Horizont, Germany
“Worldwide campaign demonstrates why your nudes aren’t safe with anyone.” – LBB online

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