Here's a campaign we wish we didn’t have to make.

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The Pain
It’s been 70 years since Capa’s camera shot for the last time. Unfortunately, reality hasn’t changed much from what he saw through his lenses. In 2023 alone, over 180 armed conflicts were registered, the highest number in five decades. Facing this reality, the RCCPC, a brand that has eyes on the present for emerging talents and relevant topics, had to come up with a response. A brand message that would stand out against the saturation of hopeless news.

The Glory
When making an anti-war campaign, you can’t ask for better source material than pictures shot by history’s greatest war photographer. Capa’s pictures are timeless masterpieces that pull us into emotion and contemplation. So, all we had to do is combine them with our tagline and let a Pan-European print and out-of-home campaign do the talking.

“A moving campaign that underscores unsettling parallels between past and present wars.” – Shots
“This is a beautiful way to tell the ugly truth.” – S. van der Eerden (Journalist)

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