If you ever catch yourself thinking about your junk while watching football, thank Manscaped.


Male Grooming


The Pain
Our friends across the Atlantic wanted a bigger slice of the action here in Germany and in the UK, so they assigned two of their leading products for the quest – The Lawn Mower 4.0 and The Beard Hedger. The question was: what could men in these countries possibly have in common? (Besides bad weather and questionable cuisine.)

The Glory
Well, we turned to something they care as much for as their tiny spherical friends: football. In a couple of spots, we basically hijacked moments everyone knows in a match – like heated discussions and streakers – and made them ownable to Manscaped, simply because they involve body hair. So, from now on, whenever fans see those moments in future matches, there will be Manscaped.

“If caught streaking you might as well look your best.” – Ryan.fiore (IG user)

Former players and football personalities Chris Kamara (for UK) and Aílton Gonçalves da Silva (for Germany) graced the films with their notoriety as well as some witty and well-timed comedic commentary.

For obvious reasons we had to censor our talent’s beautifully groomed area, but at least he got a very flattering patch to hide his essentials.

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