No garages were harmed in the making of this ad.

Kia EV9



The Pain
Kia’s latest masterpiece comes in the form of the EV9 – a car that pushes boundaries even when it’s standing still. When moving, it basically opens a world of possibilities due to all its technological advancements and ground-breaking design, both inside and out. So, our brief was simple: develop a campaign that lives up to all the EV9’s capabilities. No pressure.

The Glory
If there’s one thing we love more than a giant metaphor, it’s building them. So, after having a good look at the EV9 and everything it has to offer, we put pen to paper. The result? A garage in Romania that, after a few gentle pushes, magically takes our couple to nowhere else than Iceland. Because, you know, that’s what happens when you drive a car that opens a world of possibilities.

FPV pilot Andres Aguilera helped us develop a piece of content which shows how the EV9 acts as a portal from one possibility to the next. Eye-candy at its very best.

Spanish-born architect, Clemente Vergara, joined us in Iceland to create a series of images which showcase the EV9’s dramatic design surrounded by an equally dramatic landscape.

One of our talented art directors also graced Iceland with her camera. The images she captured impressed Kia so much, they couldn’t resist buying them. Now, that’s what we call opening possibilities.

Since the main film makes a bold statement about how the EV9 opens a world of possibilities, we also wrote a couple of supporting digital assets to prove that it can actually walk the walk.

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