Who said there's no flowing
water in the desert?


Consumer Electronics

Product launch

Ah, the irony of making TV adverts for TVs…

How do you show the experience of the Sony Bravia on a laptop, or worse still, on an iPhone 3GS? Especially, one with Bravia AG9 Acoustic Surface technology, which produces sound from the screen itself, integrating for the first time ever, sound and visual into one captivating experience.

After killing many darlings, we found the answer in Bruce Lee’s wisdom: “Be water, my friend.”. Besides, water is arguably one of the only elements that appeals to our every sense.

So, we figured this was our best bet of transporting the feeling of the latest Bravia.

Director Rob Chui and post-production ICONOCLAST gladly joined our ranks as we went hunting halfway across the globe in search of the perfect Sony spot.

After months of being irate perfectionists, we released the raging river worldwide.

Song by the one and only Grace Vanderwaal.

“Always creatively ambitious, Sony Bravia is once again employing the elements as a metaphor for the quality of its TV experience.” – The Drum
“You made me search up a Sony ad. Wow.” – K. Krastev (YouTube user)

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