A surreal story about
a very real fact.

Hyundai Tucson


Safety Feature

The Hyundai Tucson is a car packed with safety features. One of them is FCA – a safety system that detects danger and automatically activates the brakes when the driver has no time to react.

So, when our friends at Hyundai asked us to put this feature in the spotlight, we knew it was time for some magic.


Where most car safety-ads try to shock people and often point fingers at drivers, we decided to go for a more light-hearted approach. Because no matter how much you concentrate on the road as a driver, dangerous situations can always occur. But when this happens, it’s great to know you’re driving a car that supports you.

Our story was based on the insight that when you’re driving a car and a pedestrian suddenly steps into the road, it feels like the pedestrian appeared out of nowhere. To enhance this feeling, the story takes place in a slightly surreal world.

The Guard Brothers brought a touch of British humour to the game, taking our original concept to a whole different level.

So much so, that El Magico won Gold at the Epica Awards and left its mark on the One Show.

“The first results are out: seven gold medals for Germany at the Epica Awards.One goes to ‘El Magico’.” – horizont.net
“Awesome!!!” – 최유성 (YouTube user)

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