You've probably seen them.
They've certainly seen you.
Finally, someone did a campaign about it.

Kia Pedestrian Monitoring


Safety Feature

Kia keeps winning the most relevant safety awards in the industry, year after year.

NTHSA, Folksam, and Euro NCAP, just to name a few.

The problem is: most people aren’t aware of it. The world out there doesn’t know that our cars are equipped with cutting-edge safety and assistive features.

So, when we were asked to advertise Kia’s Pedestrian Detection technology, one of Kia’s most innovative safety features, we knew we had no option but to get some true experts in people-spotting.

And we did the Kia way.

After all, the best technologies are the ones based from real-life insights.

“Nice way to explore a relevant cultural context.” – Felipe D. (LinkedIn user)
“Old School Security Cameras! Nice job!” – Nuno P. Silva (LinkedIn user)

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