Some people don't get a driver's license just for commuting. Here's their campaign.

Hyundai N



For some people, the way to work isn’t a way. It’s a lap. They believe there’s more to driving than just going from A to B. So when Hyundai N – the high-performance division of Hyundai – briefed us to reposition their brand globally while launching five new models, we knew this N spirit had to be our northern star.

Our challenge: to not only talk to their current petrol-head fanbase, but also to those who never just do things for the sake of getting it done. Those who go all the way, with gusto.

That’s when “Never just drive” was born.

Our global launch film opens at the Nürburgring – the gruelling racetrack where all N models get tested. The spot is paralleled with a manifesto which blasts through its speakers, inviting everyone to make every drive special whether at the racetrack, or anywhere else for that matter.

But we just didn’t stop there. Modular from the get-go, this revamp lived on dozens of product films, print, OOH, and other relevant social media assets. All thanks to the help of our friends at DaHouse Audio and Pantera – the awarded collective of Argentinian directors.

The campaign was unveiled at the Hyundai N Day digital event by Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division. Check it out here, or on YouTube, where the main film has garnered more than 1M views. Just make sure to buckle up first.

“This video actually made me cry. Well done, Hyundai. Great cinematography📽. Now I want an i30N to take to the Nürburgring.” Monster Mcstert (YouTube user)

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