Note to self: when briefed on an important launch, always ask "what would a child do?"

Hyundai all-new Kona



The Pain 
It’s always comforting to work on the launch of a model whose predecessor was a huge success. Actually, not. It’s a damn challenge to top what’s been achieved. Yet, when checking everything the all-new KONA is equipped with, both in design and high-tech features, we thought: yup, maybe anything is possible.

The Glory
We took this thought quite literally, and based a whole campaign around the concept “Live unlimited.” To bring it to life, we turned to the one place where everything is possible: a child’s imagination.

“A beautiful piece of visual storytelling.” – Little Black Book
“Hyundai unlocks the power of our imagination with a vibrant campaign.” – Marketing Beat

Live unlimited also means designing a rig for the KONA to perform a manoeuvre that was deemed as “impossible.” Not anymore.

The campaign was produced together with Danish film director, Nicolai Fuglsig, in collaboration with Sterntag and MJZ.

Additional to the main film, we produced product films that highlight that nothing is impossible with the all-new KONA’s features like: the longest, current electric km range in its category, digital key, and Remote Smart Parking Assist.

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