Korean car, Berlin agency, Brazilian director, Argentinian DP, shot in Chile – hard to find a better fit for a global launch.  

Kia EV9



The Pain 
After the recent rebranding and the launch of the stunning EV6 – which catapulted Kia to a respected position in the electrified world – our task was as massive as their new fully electric SUV: to launch the new EV9 globally. A car that aims to redefine what a car can do, such as turning into a social space, or powering an entire house (no joke!).

The Glory
We positioned the EV9 as a future icon for the car world, and created a global campaign whose centerpiece is a film that pays homage to some of those who have completely reshaped modern culture. Can you spot them all?

”Very satisfying. Great craft, great direction and art direction. I love the transitions. Very modern and elegant. Well done.”
– ECD from a competitor agency on Best Ads on TV
“WOW! 🔥🔥🔥”
– Emoji-loving YouTube user
“This video is a true work of art 🤍🤍Amazing!!! Thank you🙏🙏”
– Instagram follower (if you’re reading this, you’re welcome)

The campaign, directed by Tino (Stink Films), with cinematography by Carlos Ritter and music by Massive Music, was shot across Chile. 

In addition to the global launch film “Icons”, we created product-centric films that highlight the most impressive features of the car: Design, Vehicle to Load technology and Swivel Seats. 

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