Kia needed a new global look.
We gave them a walk-in closet.

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For the relaunch of their brand, Kia wanted to communicate their philosophy that movement inspires ideas. This was brought to life with a new slogan: “Movement that inspires” and their new mission that everything they do and create should inspire people. To share this message with the world, we created a manifesto film that inspires people to move and find the hidden ideas that are out there waiting to be discovered.

But our new Kia brand needed more than a manifesto, it asked for a new look. So, we took inspiration from the new Kia logo, designed by Luc Donckerwolke together with Blackspace, to create a unique graphic system that celebrates movement. By taking parts of the logo and turning them into graphical motifs, we were able to create an easy to use, and modular system which stays recognizable throughout every format.

Along with the graphic system, we gave Kia a new color palette: Midnight Black and Polar White as primary colours. Afternoon Yellow, Forest Green, City Grey as secondary colours, and Kia Live Red as a support tone.

The Kia’s font was also updated to a clean, minimal and modern design that fits not only with the new tonality of the brand, but its target audience and philosophy.

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