Why shoot another commercial when you can create a musical instrument from scratch, and while you're at it, introduce a whole new genre?

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Inspiration is this magical, invisible force that can strike at any given moment and set our minds wandering into uncharted places. However, it isn’t always a visual thing. Sounds have been scientifically proven to put us in a creative frame of mind, too.

Further investigation of this golden nugget of information led us to Creative Neuroscientist and Futurist, Katherine Templar – a mastermind who helped us uncover the insight that the sounds of movement found in nature is extremely effective at eliciting the flow state of mind.

A discovery which is in total alignment with Kia’s mission: to inspire audiences through movement.

With these findings in mind, we reached out to our production studio DaHouse, who then embarked on a worldwide tour to capture sounds in nature, which were then turned into a special synthesiser.

What’s more, these sounds were then used to create Kia’s new sound logo, feature sounds in new Kia vehicles, as well a four-track album created by WAVE – the first artist to exist entirely in the metaverse.

If, by now, your own mind isn’t somewhat blown, this instrument has also been made available to everyone as a downloadable VST Plugin to inspire and encourage creativity around the world.

“Kia jumps from SUVs to VSTs.”
– Musicradar
“Kia just invented a new music genre.”
– Pitchfork

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