For our first project with Manscaped, we were handed a beardless man to advertise a beard trimmer. Talk about Glory Over Pain.


Male grooming wares


It’s not every day that we get to write comedy for a comedian. So when the opportunity knocked on Rosenthaler Strasse 42, we put our stand-up hats on and went straight to work center stage.

First, a bit of context: you’ve probably heard about Pete Davidson, right? Yeah, the SNL guy. Well, he’s the new face of Manscaped, a partnership that makes perfect sense seeing how the brand approaches advertising comedically and how it’s known for (to choose the right words here) below-waist grooming products.

Upon the launch of The Beard Hedger, we faced a bit of a problem as Pete isn’t exactly hairy up there. Like, at all. So, in light of this conundrum, an evil thought arose: how neat would it be if there were another Pete Davidson, one who could actually grow a beard? And so was the concept of the “Stand-In” born.

The film was shot in the US by director Judah Millar, together with Lathien Pictures and Manscaped, who perfectly captured the essence of the idea.

Now for a little fun fact since you’ve read this far: Real Pete might or might not be planning to offer Fake Pete a cameo in the upcoming season of his series. Now tell us this isn’t a match made in (bearded) heaven?

“A hilarious ad.”
– US Magazine
“Pete Davidson finds himself in a hairy situation.” – Business Wire

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