Hyundai has been in Europe for 40 years.
We figured it was about time for a proper introduction.



Brand Campaign

Hyundai’s progressive spirit has always been the driving force behind the Korean company’s success – it’s what’s led them to become the sixth-largest carmaker in the world. However, since arriving in Europe in the late 70s, there was one key missing element: a proper brand introduction.

So, once Hyundai had become a prominent blip on Europe’s radar, it was time to show the continent where it all began. It actually started decades ago, when a humble farmer named Mr. Chung Ju-Yung had big plans to revolutionise Korea. And soon after, the world.

The course of Mr. Chung’s life story is nothing short of an inspiration. And luckily for us, six-time nominee DGA Commercial Director of the Year award, Dante Ariola, embarked on the project and helped us share this incredible brand story with the world.

But for Hyundai, this was just another beginning. It’s no wonder the whole campaign was built around the tagline “Next Awaits”.

The campaign was chosen as AdAge Editor’s pick of the day, shortlisted at the London International Awards, New York Festivals and at the Ciclope Awards.

“It’s a smart, inventive film – impressive in scale and special effects and in the fact that it packs 60 years of history into two minutes. We’d love to see the company do more of this” – Forbes
“An elegant retrospective tracing Hyundai’s 70-year history back to its founder.” – AdAge

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