To announce the future of electrification, there's nothing like using the words of a humble farmer from the past.

Hyundai e-SUV range



When a humble farmer manages to launch a global automobile enterprise – and rebuild a country in the process – it should come as no surprise that his words find their way into an iconic campaign for the same brand he founded.

“Nothing is impossible if you break the mould.” said Mr Chung Ju-Yung, over 80 years ago. And that’s exactly what Hyundai has done by introducing the broadest and youngest family of e-SUVs in the world.

“On to better” talks about Hyundai’s relentless quest for progress: better design, engines that make sense in 2021, but especially how exceptional never comes easy.

Thanks to a lovely, hardworking bunch of partners, we also managed to overcome a few obstacles during pandemic times and pull Hyundai’s largest integrated campaign (to date) off the ground. A big shout out to the world-class director Sebastian Strasser, academy award-winner DOP Linus Sandgren, post-wizards The Mill Berlin & London and the star composer Apparat for breaking the mould with us.

And now, on to better.

“This eye-catching journey blurs the lines between reality and imagination and counts with an original score by Berlin-based electronic musician Sascha Ring, and visual effects by The Mill (Berlin and London).” – LBB ONLINE
“Wow! Insane light design!” – Philipp Götten (YouTube user)

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