How do you sell Kia's connectivity features? With a hippie, a roller girl and a skeleton dog, of course.

Kia Sorento


UVO Connect App

The new Kia Sorento offers loads of UVO Connect App features including Find My Car. It’s basically an App that keeps you connected to your car, wherever you are. And sometimes it can be a real-life saver.

Our task was simple: tell people about this tech in a way that would grab their attention.

So, we thought to ourselves: what would happen if you couldn’t find your car? And then things started to get weird. And then they got a bit weirder. Until finally we arrived at a story about an old hippie who has been stuck in a car park, looking for his van since the 60’s.

Over the years he’s been joined by a ragtag bunch of misfits in a similar situation. And now he sees the opportunity for a new recruit as our Sorento driver enters the car park, looking for his car. Unfortunately for our hippie, a Kia driver will never have problems finding their car thanks to the UVO Connect App.

To bring this weird story to life we partner with the great Björn Rühmann, whose eerie sense of humour and accurate visual style were a perfect match for the concept. Music by DaHouse.

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