Ever heard of Mr. Chung?
Then buckle up.



Brand Campaign

As you may have gathered by now, at Innocean Berlin, we’re big fans of Hyundai. Not only because we’re convinced their fleet is at the forefront of electric mobility, design and safety, but what lies behind their products: the brand’s incredible story.

You see, it all began with Hyundai’s founder – a humble farmer named Mr. Chung Ju-Yung. A man who didn’t just build a global automobile enterprise throughout his career, but also built his country in the process.

In fact, Mr. Chung’s stories are so extraordinary that even fairy-tale writers would find them unbelievable. So, in a series of long-copy ads, written with a fable-like tone, we retold key moments of Mr. Chung’s career.

And the best part about all these stories? They’re not fairy tales. The events actually took place.

But for Hyundai, each story highlights another beginning for the brand. It’s no wonder the whole campaign was built around the tagline “Next Awaits”.

The campaign was chosen as AdAge Editor’s pick of the day and was a Finalist at the New York Festivals.

“An elegant retrospective tracing Hyundai’s 70-year history back to its founder.” – AdAge

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