If you get a call and Peter Schreyer is on the other end, buckle up. It’s about to get Dada.




Some people might not be entirely familiar with his name, but they’ve surely been inside one of the cars he designed. So let us briefly introduce the man: his name is Peter Schreyer and he’s one of the most influential car designers of our time. He’s fascinated by Dadaism, loves Jazz, always wears black – and a little-known fact – excels at baking a Käsekuchen. With raisins, of course.

So, when the time came to celebrate his impressive career, there was little doubt: we had to go Dada. And nobody was more fit for this style of creative filmmaking, distinctive visuals, and narrative structure, than legendary Dutch director Johan Kramer.

To complement the launch of “Roots and Wings” – a book about his life and work – we developed a short film that opens in the exact place where Peter got the call to join Kia. The film then ventures into his life and cultural legacy at Hyundai, by following a conversation between him and the narrator.

It’s not every day that you’re asked to dive into the mind of the man who designed more than 160 cars. But when we got that call, damn were we ready.

“You might expect, from its opening seconds, that The Call will be a cerebral and, let’s face it, slightly boring exploration of an innovator, but instead it is a joyously and innovative film.” – shots
“The most crucial word in this whole process was the word Dada, which means trying to find something new. From client to agency to director to editor to sound-designer, we managed to create a short film that is different and meaningful.” – Johan Kramer

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