They got so many no's from clients, there was only one thing to do:
The Client Said No.

DaHouse Music Productions



DaHouse is a music production studio that produces songs for ads. However, clients often prefer to use songs from established artists in their ads, rather than composed music by production houses. It’s what clients do.

So,to combat this, we thought we’d turn them into a band. The best part: we aptly named them “The Client Said No”.

To help fuel their success as an “upcoming” band, we gave them an image, made them a website, built PR around them, designed album covers and flyers, helped grow a fan base and established “The Client Said No” on social media as well as renowned music streaming platforms. We even organised gigs at industry festivals like Cannes and El Ojo.

That simple 😉

Soon their reputation started to grow and they went on a world tour. By the time their 40-gig tour ended and over 650,000 Spotify streams later, they barely had a setlist left. Why? Because new clients started contacting the band asking to use their once rejected songs in their own commercials.

You see, by creating a band that worked as a trojan horse, we proved that what matters most isn’t who made the music, it’s the music itself.

“The Client Said Nooooooooooooo!” – Caetano Veloso (Brazilian music icon)
“Have you ever wondered what happens to songs denied by clients?”

GRAND PRIX Radio & Audio

“We appreciated the clever approach to this piece of work. It used the medium in an innovative and creative way, which took the idea to the next level and captured the attention of our Jury.”
– Bruno Bertelli, Global CCO Publicis Worldwide, President of the Jury Radio& Audio Eurobest 2020

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