A mime panicks.
A dog facepalms.
A half-shaved guy runs barefoot.
Let's be honest: there are worst ways to launch a car.

Kia XCeed



Our friends at Kia called us up one day with the monumentally exciting task to create an entire launch campaign for their new XCeed – a car with a fresh, daring design and performance that enables people to embrace all the thrills they find ahead of them.

To say the least, this was an important launch for the brand. Not only was it a totally new, never-been-seen-before model, it was also Kia’s initiation into the C-segment.

Now, a wise journalist once said, “Kia is the best kept secret in the automobile industry”, not only do we think that man deserves a raise, but at Innocean, we’re of the same opinion. And if a car ever lived up to this epiphany, it’s the Kia XCeed.

So, naturally it made sense to base an entire communication platform around it. And heck, we did just that. As you all know, car communication has cycles, so to begin with, we teased the release of the XCeed through a promo film.

In this story, shot by Daniel Azancot, we head to a top-secret warehouse where we see a cleaner get curious about what’s just arrived in a container. He discovers the new XCeed and manages to take it for a little ride, while evading the security guard’s eyes. Exciting times ahead, indeed.

The next phase was our main launch where director Bryan Buckley helped us make a film of epic proportions. In the story, we see the new XCeed being leaked through the media and see people from all walks of life doing whatever they can to get to the XCeed before anyone else. Original music by DaHouse.

Six months later, we launched a follow-up campaign which didn’t stray too far from our main launch. The aim was to remind the people who had been living under a rock that the new XCeed was out. In this story, we see a guy quickly realise everyone knows the new XCeed has been released, except for him. Cue facepalms.

“Kia launches all-new car with primetime campaign takeover.”
– Little Black Book
“That’s the best use of facepalm since the movie “Airplane”. Congrats!”
– Jonathan T. (YouTube user)

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